how do air fryers work

How Do Air Fryers Work? Top Air Fryer Benefits

Air fryer is a relatively new and revolutionary cooking appliance that is primarily used to ‘deep fry’ menus. It is manufactured and patented by Phillips Electronics and was officially introduced in the market in the year 2010. It operates on the principle of rapid air technology and is also used to grill, roast, bake, and steam foods. In the discussions that follow, the various aspects of the appliance are going to be discussed in details.In this article, we will search the answer for how do air fryers work.Also, will learn the benefit of air fryer cooking.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

They basically comprise a heater element, exhaust system, a filter, a removable tray, a large fan, a cover, and a star-fish-like air guide at the bottom. They prepare food using the ‘Rapid Air Technology’ that is explained below:

Rapid Air Technology

The food to be prepared is placed in the removable tray. The heater element that is located right above the food generates heat in the form of radiation. The radiated heat penetrates deep under the food surface. A large fan above the heater pulls the air upwards through the cooking chamber and generates a strong air flow while passing the heater. This air that is loaded with heat energy is transported downwards. The star-fish-like air guide directs the heated air in a vertical direction and also distributes the heat evenly. This enables the heat to reach all parts of the food even if it is piled up. The combination of radiation from the heating element above the food and the convection from below the food negates the need to constantly turn the food up and down in times of cooking.

The internal re-circulation of cooking air increases the pressure of the air inside the fryer. This may cause the appliance to explode if not released in time. That’s where the exhaust system comes in. The exhaust system releases a small amount of air into the atmosphere to reduce the air pressure inside the fryer. The filter ‘traps’ odor from the food and only releases ‘fresh air’ into the atmosphere. This keeps the kitchen interior as clean and breathable as possible.


The following are some of the benefits that users stand to derive out of the use of air fryers:


They reduce to a considerable extent the amount of oil needed to prepare typical dishes. Some estimates postulate that they require 70%-80% less oil to prepare the same quantity of dishes as compared to deep fryers. This low-fat consumption reduces the possibility of developing obesity, heart attacks, hypertension and other metabolic disorders.

Easy Clean-up

how to clean air fryer

It is possible to set the cooking temperature in such a way as to prevent the burning of foods. Also, owing to the consumption of less oil in preparing food, the possibility of the interiors of the appliance to get stuck with grease is greatly reduced. These, coupled with the fact that most components of the air fryers are dishwasher-safe, enables it to be easily cleaned.

Expedites Time

Generally speaking, air fryers take less time to prepare foods. Frying fish takes roughly 20 minutes, frying chips roughly 15 minutes, roasting aromatic nuts roughly 10 minutes, while baking cakes roughly 25 minutes. This is the kitchen appliance of choice for those who have less time at their disposal but who nonetheless would not wish to compromise the quality of their meals.

Very Hygienic

Given the fact that less oil is used and that the typical air fryer contains an exhaust and filter system that both dispose of the smell effectively. The use of air fryers is very hygienic to the kitchen interiors indeed. There are no spills, no smells, and no crumbles that may interfere with the hygienic standards of the kitchen.

Ability to Multi-task

It is possible to prepare two or more different kinds of dishes at a time (without compromising their flavors) using the air fryer. That’s because they come with dividers that may be used to partition the cooking tray in such a way as to allow it to accommodate the different kinds of dishes at a time. This saves greatly on time also.

Minimal Attention

Users are not at all required to be constantly individually present throughout a cooking session. That’s because air fryers have some automated features such as timers, automatic start and stop buttons, and thermostats that eliminate human intervention for a large part of the cooking session. Users are thus granted the freedom to pursue other tasks that equally matter during a typical cooking session.

Safe and Secure

Air fryers do come equipped with a host of elegant safety and security features that are designed to safeguard their users from the common and anticipated dangers such as burns, scalds, electrical shocks, and excess heat. Examples of these security features include the cooling system that rapidly cools the fryers after use, the exhaust system that safely discharges the fumes, and the air filter that traps food odor and thus prevents it from being released into the kitchen ambiance.

Highly Versatile

The typical air fryer is able to grill, fry, bake, steam, or roast foods. By acquiring the air fryers, users obtain much more than they actually pay for. They are also absolved from the need to purchase several pieces of cooking equipment to carry out the various kinds of cooking tasks. And are also conferred added convenience in the process of preparing the various kinds of meals.

Amazing Results

Foods that are prepared in air fryers have distinctive brown color, uniform texture, great odor, and crispy appearance, not to mention. Of course, the very low-fat contents. The use of the air fryers to prepare the favorite dish is, therefore, the surest way of obtaining the desired perfect results!

Cost Effective

On the whole, the benefits that prospective users stand to derive from the use of a typical air fryer such as versatility, amazing outcomes, hygiene, and the ability to multitask e.t.c. are far more than the actual cost of acquiring it. This means that the air fryer is a very worthy purchase indeed!


Though still in its infancy, the air fryer is indeed the kitchen appliance of the future. It is the ‘final solution’ to all of the very many cooking and dietary challenges that are confronted on a day to day basis. It is that kitchen appliance that no serious restaurateur or housewife may afford to overlook.

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Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven

Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven?

Air Fryers are a fairly new invention in the world of cooking appliances and in this short time they have become very popular. They cook food by circulating hot air around the inside of the fryer and food can be cooked with just a tablespoon of oil.An oven is a cooking gadget literally used by everyone who loves to cook.Today we will seek the answer Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven or not.

Air Fryer Working Process


air fryer cooking process

Air Fryers are often used to cook food that would otherwise be deep fried. There is an element in the fryer that is close to the food that will be heated up. This element heats up the air within the fryer which is then circulated around the rest of the fryer. Every part of the food receives exactly the same temperature when cooking which means that the food will cook evenly. You can also be sure that food such as chicken has cooked all the way through before serving.


The process of cooking in an air fryer is carried out by something called Rapid Air Technology. The hot air within the fryer can reach temperatures of up to 390 degrees and circulates around the unit at high speeds. This ensures that the food within the fryer is cooked evenly and quickly. The food will be crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and really tasty.


Oven Working Process

Electric Ovens

electric oven

The heating element in the oven is usually located in the back of the appliance. The air in the oven is then heated and circulates around the appliance which cooks the food. The food in an electric oven is cooked from the outside as it is heated through the middle. Most modern ovens also have a fan in the back of the oven. This fan helps the air to circulate around the oven faster which cooks the food quicker and also helps to ensure that the food is cooked evenly.


Microwave Ovens

microwave oven

Microwave ovens cook food through waves of radiation. This radiation does not affect the food in any way and so food that is cooked in a microwave is completely safe to eat. These waves of radiation heat up the molecules that can be found in food from the inside. This results in a cooking time that is substantially less than you would experience when cooking using a traditional oven. Microwaves cook food efficiently because the heat energy is channeled directly to the food that is being cooked and there is no need to preheat the oven before cooking.

Comparison- Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven

There are similarities in the way that ovens and air fryers work. The heat in both appliances comes from an element and this heat is then circulated around the space where the food has been placed which will cook the food. Food that is cooked in the oven may not require any oil either so it can also be quite a healthy way to cook.


Air fryers can cook food faster than ovens. This is particularly true if you are using an electric oven because it can take quite a while for the oven to preheat. Food cooked in an air fryer may take longer to cook than it would in a microwave oven but you would not necessarily use a microwave to cook food that you would normally use a fryer for.



Even if you have an oven that you are completely happy with, you may still consider buying an air fryer. This is because they are often used to cook different types of foods. There are foods that you may cook in your oven that is not suitable for cooking in an air fryer.

While you may not be able to use an air fryer as a replacement for an oven, it can be used as a direct replacement for your deep fat fryer as it can be used to cook the same kind of foods. The taste of the food will not be exactly the same as it would do if it had been fried, but air fryers still produce food that is very tasty. The food that is cooked in an air fryer is also much healthier because only a small amount of oil is used.

If you are considering purchasing an air fryer, then it is always a good idea to shop around to make sure that the fryer that you choose has all the features that you need.




Food is one of the important stuff in our daily life some are eaten raw but notably few but majority are prepared and cooked. The means of doing this has evolved and developed from rudimentary means to fast means of fryer and ovens. The best thing is to know how you will need to prepare your food and the nature they need to be to cooked and how actually it is prepared with this exception. The comparison between the air dryer and nu-wave oven is the type and the temperature used for cooking. They cook your food fast in the described way not to lose nutrients like vitamins and also cook it to be eaten by anyone in the family. These two gadgets are modern, more fast and have the modern state of eco-friendly and conducive.


Nu-wave oven

NuWave Oven

It’s one of the modern gadgets that has eased cooking and made the kitchen core a thing to be proud of. Your distinguished guests and friends will taste the difference on the food prepared and dance to the tune of healthy and appropriate diet. It is a complete set of cooking in the kitchen.


These gadgets are one of the best when cooking fast prepared foods and do not harm the food nutrients level by excess cooking.


It cooks your food in a complete set as you can bake, steam and any other type of fast cooking. You cook straight away avoiding many preparations.


It is a simple gadget to clean and easy to handle inside out.


Cheap in the shelves compared to many and the works it performs is great.


Cons of nu-wave

It’s dependent to power especially electric and thus requires the special type of power to function.

Cannot prepare a large amount of food for a big group thus only suited for the family numbers.

It cannot warm the whole room therefore like winter it’s a double power consumption for this apparatus.


Air fryer



This is one of the modern set of cooking apparatus that has replaced the set of utensils in the kitchen and is good for the modern kitchen. It features the very fast means of preparing food. As the connection of kitchen changes from the tradition means of cooking like wood and charcoal for the ovens to electric gadgets. It is easy to connect and do not add your bill. Food prepared here is ready within a short time and no nutrient is lost.


Pros of air fryer

Cooking food in the natural way is one of the advantage about this air fryer as you can cook without adding oil or butter. Cooking is natural.


It has an exception of up to 200 degree of cooking and does not spoil the food nutrients like the vitamins.

Imagine having an exhaust, it helps in emission of smoke while roasting and the excessive steaming and keeps the food fresh.


It saves much power and when not in use and when left in standby mode it shuts down thus reducing on the risk of damage.


It is a durable gadget and serves you beyond your expectation. It is a good as a permanent deal for your home.


Cooking is clean and natural and with the rise of chronic disease that require full cooking without tampering with the content level of food nutrients this is a good kitchen apparatus to have.


It is one of those that is easy to clean in the dishwasher without much trouble. It is clear and you can tell what is cooking.


It has the warm and cool exception and therefore serving the option of avoiding the cooked food to going bad.


Cons of air fryer

You will always require a connection for it to function for instance power connection.


It is easy to break and you will need to watch out to avoid break. The slippery level is high when washing it subjected to break.


The option of food warming and cooling is not a healthy tip and you need to be watchful of what is happening to avoid food poisoning.


The modern cooking gadgets have come with the exception of the friendly to the users and the environment. To have them at home is a good thing for the time they have tremendously saved. The comparison between the modern kitchen gadgets like the air fryer and nu wave with the traditional mode of cooking is of great comparison. Foods that do not require oil or butter can be well prepared now and those that are added some bits of oil these comes with the oily substance and extracts most oil from food for selfless cooking.


Managing the air fryer and nu wave ovens

These are kitchen gadgets that have come to replace the tradition ones and they have come as the best option of cooking all types and in variety of options desirable for the different types of food. Time has passed and no more food preparing that is extreme and kills the nutrients to render a low value in food. Even in high temperature they have been made to cook and not to overturn the vitamins and all the variety of foods.


They have become common in the modern day and despite their good service it doesn’t mean that they are expensive. They are favorite and eliminates the struggle like cutting wood and burning charcoal for food preparation. They have helped in caring the atmosphere and avoiding the deadly gases.



Cooking is good and fun when done the right way. It has been one of the effective kitchen cores that the gadgets have eased. Food timing is the best way that helps you cook food with their time attached. You don’t lose any nutrients any more. You deserve to keep your family healthy and eating the proportions of nutrients to keep it good and in high levels. It is amazing to use little hustle and amazing when using it. Being the gadgets that have avoided smoke in the rooms you can simply prepare food anywhere provided you are connected.