air fryer salmon recipe

Air Fryer Salmon Recipe – Easy Steps To Follow

You would never guess how juicy and tender this air fryer salmon is. This recipe is full of flavors and prepares within a few minutes to give you a healthy quick meal. You can even add a side with asparagus, broccoli or green salad to make it completely nutritious. Nonetheless, our salmon recipe will give you the most tender, moist, and perfectly cooked salmon every time. So, let’s check out the ingredients and process to prepare this recipe.

Preparation TimeCook TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes8 Minutes13 Minutes

Ingredients required for Air Fryer Salmon Recipe:

This air fryer salmon recipe has a very easy process that requires just a few ingredients. No oil is necessary. You will require the following ingredients to prepare this recipe.

Required IngredientsQuantity of the Ingredients
Fresh parsleyAs per preference
Salt¼ teaspoon
Pepper¼ teaspoon
Chili powder½ teaspoon
Whole limes2
Salmon Alaska king (fresh, not frozen)1 lb


Instructions for making the Delicious Air fryer Salmon Recipe:

salmon in air fryer

The step by step process of making this air fryer salmon are given below:


Step 1:

Take the salmon and season it with some chili powder, pepper, and salt. Season it both sides.


Step 2:

After seasoning the salmon, take a lime and slice it thinly. Place the lime slices on top of the salmon. After that, place the salmon into the basket of the air fryer.


Step 3:

Now, set the air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the salmon for about 8 minutes or until cooked. Open the air fryer basket to check so that the fish doesn’t overcook. Or else you can use a meat thermometer to check on the fish. That way, the salmon is ready when it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit in its thickest portion.


Step 4:

After the cooking, take out the salmon from the air fryer. Take the remaining lime, slice and squeeze onto the salmon. Then garnish it with chopped parsley to taste. Finally, serve warm and enjoy the delicious salmon recipe.

air fryer salmon

Air Fryer Salmon Recipe Notes:

  • Cooking time may vary depending on the temperature of the fish.
  • You can use different spice combinations in the same recipe.
  • If salmon fillets vary in length and thickness, then adjust the time slightly for your preferred texture.


If you are craving for a quick clean dinner, you should definitely try our air fryer salmon recipe. This doesn’t include any oil and thus serving you a very healthy dish. Thanks to the air fryer, now you can enjoy so many fishes such a healthy way! But out of all the air fryer fish recipes, salmon in air fryer is the easiest to make. Now, who is ready to make air fryer salmon?


Nutrition Facts

Air Fryer Salmon

Serving Per Recipe: 2 persons

Amount Per Serving, Calories: 324

Items% Daily Value
Vitamin A4.8%
Protein: 45g90%
Sodium: 398mg17%
Potassium: 1111mg32%
Cholesterol: 124mg41%
Saturated Fat: 2g10%
Total Fat: 14g22%

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