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Best Oil less fryer For Your Kitchen

In this era, people are getting conscious about being healthy and oil less cooking and the wish of these people are heard and oil less air fryer is a reality now. These oil less fryers have become a popular kitchen appliance to make fried foods like meat, pastries and potato chips. These work by circulating hot air that contains fine oil droplets around the food to produce a crunchy, crispy exterior. These oil less deep fryers are touted as a healthy alternative to deep-fried foods, thanks to their lower content of fat and calories. Some of these fryers cook food like deep frying. Among many fryers, some of them are described in the following.

Top Picks : 5 Best Oil Less Fryer

Best No Oil Fryer Reviews

1) Tidylife 6.3 QT XL Air Fryer

Air Fryer, Tidylife 6.3 QT Air Fryer XL with Smart Time & Temperature Control, 1700W with 7 Cooking Preset, 180-400℉Oilless Nonstick Basket Hot Air Fryer, Auto Shut Off with 50+Recipes(6.3QT) (Renewed)


  • You can make evenly cooked, crispy food in 30% less time than a conventional oven and has a preset timer for 8 dishes.
  • This fryer has a smaller footprint and shorter frame that don’t hog counters or obstruct cabinets and pull-out cooking drawer and conceals heating element to minimize the risk of burning yourself.
  • The non-stick surface can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • It can digitally control precise temperature and time and automatically stops cooking when the timer ends.
  • Tidylife 6.3 QT Air Fryer, 1700W has a 90 days free exchange service. Therefore, it gives a sense of security to the customers.


  • It is big and takes a lot of space.
  • It lacks color variation and has only a black color.
  • You can only find out whether or not the food is cooked after you take out the food from the fryer
  • You cannot add extra seasoning to the food in the middle of cooking.

Tidylife 6.3 QT Air Fryer, 1700W uses hot air by circulating it and helps to cook food with 75% fewer calories than a deep fryer. This 6.3-quart oil less fryer can cook food for at least a family of 6 to 8 people. This 8 in 1 oil fewer fryer equals to oven, fryer, microwave, grill, sandwich maker, nonstick frying pan, popcorn maker. The temperature range is from 180 – 400 degrees F and has a timer of a maximum of 60 minutes. With this oil less deep fryer, you can easily fry, bake and grill all your favorite foods like fries, chips, pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, cake, fish, and pizza.

2) CHULUX Electric Air Fryer 4.2qt

CHULUX Electric Air Fryer 4.2qt, Oilless Cooker Oven with Recipe Book, Baking Tray Dishwasher Safe, Temperature Control & Adjustable Time, Auto Shut Off & Memory Feation, Healthy Fast Oil Free Cooking


  • CHULUX Electric Air Fryer(4.2qt) guarantees safety with the certification of FDA and ETL and 12 months manufacturer warranty for replacement.
  • It has hot air flow technology & intelligent working mode and can cook delicious food within 30 mins or fewer.
  • This oil less air fryer will shut off automatically when the timer expires. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the food being overcooked.
  • Removable Pan of this fryer and the cool touch handles will make it easy for you to pour the fried food into dishes and it is quite dishwasher safe.


  • Unlike much other oil less fryers, CHULUX Electric Air Fryer(4.2qt) has a timer control for maximum 30 minutes.
  • Compared with other fryers, it does not have LED display.
  • It does not have a preset timer for any recipes.
  • It has many parts and there are too much to clean after cooking.

CHULUX Electric Air Fryer uses 2.Powerful air frying technology with Rapid hot air circulation to cook easily and rapidly. With its 4.2qt capacity, you can enjoy french fries, fish fillets, onion rings, roasted potatoes, steak and many more with your family. You can add seasoning in the middle of cooking and can also check if the food is being cooked or not. For the deeply fried food lovers, this oil less fryer is a healthier alternative because it keeps the food crunchy and tasty with no added fat. With its size and non-slip feet, it can fit in any countertop.

3) Vanaheim 4.2Qt Touch Screen Oil Less Fryer

Vanaheim 4.2Qt Touch Screen Air Fryer 6-in-1 with Stainless Steel Fryer Basket and Recipe Book for Healthy Oilless Fry


  • Vanaheim digital air fryer is a multi-functional air fryer with LED touch screen and has 6 preset programs to cook a variety of food for the whole family with no extra oil.
  • You can also adjust the temperature from 100 to 400 degree Fahrenheit. It has a 99-minute built-in timer with ‘Ready; Signal and auto shut-off when cooking is complete to give you peace of mind and saves your time.
  • It has a 1-year replacement policy and will refund you within 60 days of purchase if they do not satisfy you with the fryer.
  • This fryer has a detachable food-grade stainless steel basket which is dishwasher safe and has a cool touch handle or button guard to prevent accidental detachment or injury.


  • We cannot place it on a surface which is not heat resistant.
  • This fryer is big and takes a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • It does not have any color variation and can only be found in black color.
  • You can only find out whether or not the food is cooked after you take out the food from the fryer and cannot add extra seasoning to the food in the middle of cooking.

With its 4.2 qt capacity’, Vanaheim air fryer is ideal for large families or bachelors. It is equipped with 360-degree high-speed hot air circulation technology and cooks with almost no oil. This technology makes cooking fast, even, crispy and tender.  With Vanaheim air fryer, you can enjoy fries, pork, chicken, steak, fish and pizza with your loved ones. The Vanaheim oil-free air fryer is formulated and designed with a food grade 304, no chemical coating, FDA-certified and PFOA free pan, and stainless steel is uncoated and will not fall off.


4) Aicok AF-02B, Hot Airfryer with Time & Temperature Control

Aicok AF-02B, Hot Airfryer with Time & Temperature Control, 6 in 1 Digital Touchscreen, Oil Less Fryer Healthy Food & Fast Cooking, 1300W Rapid Air


  • Aicok AF-02B Large Air Fryer have safety protection enjoy overheating protection, auto shut-off, stainless steel inner and full closed heating system and cool touch handle.
  • It has a high quality with UL, ETL certification and a three-year warranty, together with lifelong technical consultation and customer service.
  • This oil less air fryer can hold up to backet, 2.75 qts, pan, 3.39 qts which makes cooking for the family and prepares up to 5 portions of healthy and delicious food with ease.
  • It has a non-stick, coat removable basket and is dishwasher friendly.


  • Compared to another modern oil less fryer, Aicok AF-02B Large Air Fryer does not have any LED screen.
  • You can only find out whether or not the food cooked after you take out the food from the fryer.
  • You cannot add extra seasoning to the food in the middle of cooking.

Aicok AF-02B Air Fryer can do any cooking style with 80% less fat in a healthy, fast and convenient manner. With this fryer, you can bake, roast, grill, steam and fry. It has the dimensions of 9.1 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches that could easily fit on top of any kitchen shelves. This fryer uses hot air in combination with high-speed air circulation technology.

It has 8 Preset programs for cooking, home cut fries, frozen fries, steak, drumsticks, shrimp, meat, fish, pizza and cupcakes. Its Upgrade bottom design can 360°more evenly fry foods and make it more crisp and delicious than other low-fat fryers. Aicok AF-02B Large Air Fryer has the temperature settings range from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a 60-minute timer easy oil less cooking in the correct time.

5) Electric Digital Air Fryer Oil-less Smart Cooker 4.2qt XL

Electric Digital Air Fryer Oil-less Smart Cooker 4.2qt XL Touch Screen Control Non-Stick Fry Basket Dishwasher Safe Black Vilapur


  • Electric Digital Air Fryer Oil less Smart Cooker 4.2qt XL uses rapid air circulation technology and has the capacity up to 2.5 lbs, which is good enough to make food for 5 people.
  • The parts of the fryer are removable and easy to clean and it has 3 layers of Teflon in the pan and basket for non-stick that fill up or take our food conveniently.
  • With its being multi-functional and versatile, it can fry, grill and roast with less oil. It has an auto-shut program for not overcooking the food.
  • It has a one-year replacement policy.


  • You can only find out whether or not the food cooked after you take out the food from the fryer.
  • You cannot add extra seasoning to the food in the middle of cooking.
  • It does not have any color variation and can only be found in black color.

Electric Digital Air Fryer Oil less Smart Cooker 4.2qt XL cooks food by circulating hot air in all directions, ensuring fast and even cooking with up to 90% less oil. It has a dimension of 15 a 13.7 a 13.7 inches. Its LCD touchscreen display makes it easy to use. With its 1350W powerful heater, you can cook food in a short time. It has a maximum 30-minute cooking time and a temperature range from 160 to 400 degree Fahrenheit. With this fryer’s 4.2 qt large frying basket, you can grill, bake and even roast your favorite foods for the whole family. This oil less fryer has 8 preset programs which help you to cook at the right temperature.


If you compare air frying to deep-frying, an air fryer can reduce the amount of fat, calories and potentially harmful compounds in your food. However, foods made from oil fewer fryers are still fried foods and eating them regularly may be associated with adverse health conditions. Although this is the case, air fryers are healthier than deep frying foods.